Monday, July 4, 2011

Lessons 15 to 19 Sugar Sculptures

The final portion of my superior pastry courses was spent making sugar sculptures.  We learned how to make poured sugar pieces and pulled sugar pieces and how to put them together to form sculptures.  I made a total of 4 sculptures with pieces including flowers, ribbons, leaves, and different geometric shapes.  I was very excited to learn the poured sugar skills because I can now make my own lollipops!  The first few pictures are of my Chef and the sculptures he made in our demonstration class.  All of the pieces in all of the pictures are made solely from heating sugar and water to different temperatures.  Here are the pictures of my sugar classes from the beginning to the end.  Some things progressed nicely and some were better on the first day than the last.

Chef Deguinet making a yellow and green pulled sugar ribbon.

Continuing the ribbon...

Here are several different views of Chef Deguinet's two sugar sculptures.  It took him 5 hours to assemble both sculptures from beginning to end.

The is me on the first day of Poured Sugar work.

Here is my first Poured Sugar sculpture.

Another view of my Poured Sugar sculpture.
My first Pulled and Poured Sugar Sculpture

Closeup view of my first flowers and ribbons

My first ribbon was not very good, but at least it was a starting point!

My roses were not good, but here's the first one.

My first day of Pulled Sugar

My odd attempt at an exotic flower.
More practice with flowers

This was our one and only day working with Blown Sugar.
We attached sugar to small tubes and blew into them  to make balloons.

Pulled Sugar blob before I made it into a ribbon...

My ribbons are getting better!

Can you believe it's fragile?  Doesn't it look like I made it out of cloth?

Another of my attempts at a flower.

A different approach to roses.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.
Here is my sugar workshop complete with ribbons,
gloves, a silpat mat, a leaf mold, and a blow torch.

One of my sculptures and definitely my best ribbon ever.

A closeup of my ribbon and rose.

My sculpture the next day.

The side view of my sculpture.

And here is my final exam project.  I have included closeups of my roses.

My final exam project.  I had to have either 1 or 3 roses and some leaves.

I think all in all I made about 6 sculptures.  I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my artistic side, or lack thereof...

Until next time Au Revoir and Bon Appetit!

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